Signs That Your Spouse May Be Hiding Assets During A Divorce

Hiding assets during a divorce is a serious issue that any reputable divorce attorney will warn against. While it might be tempting to somehow seek to keep your spouse from knowing or remembering about certain assets that you own, doing so is a poor decision from a legal and a moral perspective. Even if you seek to be conscientious in this regard, there's a chance that your spouse may seek to hide some assets — especially if he or she has considerably more than you. [Read More]

Three Ways That Your Physical Therapist May Have Been Negligent In Your Care

People often think about doctors when they think of medical malpractice cases and may not know that this area of the law extends to a wide range of healthcare practitioners who may treat you. If any of your medical practitioners has acted in a negligent manner, you should speak to a medical malpractice attorney to ascertain whether you have grounds for a malpractice case. Seeing a physical therapist after an injury is often a way to speed up your recovery, but issues can sometimes arise. [Read More]

When You Have Been Wronged, But You Don't Want To Go To Court: Law Services That May Help

There are times, places, and instances where you have been wronged. Should you sue? You could, but can you afford to sue? What about taking time off from work to appear in court? When none of that really appeals to you, but you do not want to leave things as they are, there are some law services that may be able to help. Better still, these services do not cost as much as hiring a lawyer on retainer and having to go to court, which may appeal to you if you do not have the finances for it. [Read More]

Things Parents Should Know About Child Support Payments

Raising children is an extremely expensive responsibility. Unfortunately, it is a reality that relationships can fail, and if this occurs, the legal system's ability to enforce child support payments can be essential to ensure the parent with primary custody has the resources they need to raise the child. Have An Understanding About The Factors That Will Determine Your Child Support Obligations The setting of the child support payments can be a complicated process. [Read More]