How a Lawyer Can Help You Contest A DUI Charge

Driving under the influence (DUI) of alcohol or drugs comes with many risks, including causing an accident that injures everyone involved. Fortunately, there are strict laws regarding DUI offenses across the country in order to protect drivers and their passengers. However, getting arrested for DUI does not automatically mean that someone is guilty of committing the offense. There are many situations that could lead to an innocent driver being charged with a crime that he or she did not commit. If you feel as though you were unfairly accused of driving while under the influence of alcohol, you should contact a DUI lawyer in your local area.

The Evidence Might Not Be Solid

Just because the authorities have claimed to have evidence that you were driving under the influence of alcohol, it does not mean the evidence is sufficient. For example, if a breathalyzer test showed that you were over the legal drinking limit, it does not mean the results are accurate. A lawyer can look for defects in the breathalyzer device, as well as how the test was administered. Any evidence that the other party has to show that you are guilty will be thoroughly examined. You can end up with the DUI charge being dropped, or with a lesser sentence.

Fight for Your Driver's License

A common penalty for driving under the influence of alcohol is for a drivers license to be suspended. In some cases, a driver's license might be revoked, such as when several DUI offenses have been committed. If you are unable to get to work because your driver's license was suspended, a lawyer can help you fight to regain your driving privileges. A lawyer can argue that you do not deserve a suspended license because there is reasonable doubt that you did not commit the crime. For example, he or she can speak for you during a hearing with the DMV and provide evidence to back up everything that he or she says.

A Lawyer Makes the Process Easier

The legal process can be long when someone is fighting a DUI charge. The process involves complicated paperwork, managing evidence, investigating, and several other tasks to get justice. It is best for you to exercise your legal right to a lawyer so that the process will be easier to navigate. You can breathe easier knowing that your case is in the hands of an experienced professional.