Was Your Relative A Wrongful Death Victim? Why You Should Pursue A Civil Lawsuit

Watching a loved one fall victim to wrongful death can be hard to accept. It hurts to know that someone you cared about lost their life because of another person's negligence. If the individual who caused the death was actually convicted on criminal charges, you probably feel a lot of relief. The person may have even been sentenced to prison and it may give you some solace to know that they will no longer be able to hurt anyone else. [Read More]

Here's Why You Should Hire An Attorney When Working Out Child Custody Terms With Your Ex

Working out child custody with your ex can get frustrating and stressful, so it's a good idea to hire a lawyer to work with. Here's why: Get Negotiation Support Even if you and your ex are able to compromise about most things that have to do with your kids, you may learn that some things can't be agreed upon before all is said and done. For example, you both may want to have the kids during some of the same holidays throughout the year. [Read More]

3 Steps In Presenting A DUI Defense

Defending yourself against allegations of driving while under the influence can pose a number of challenges, even if you've hired a DUI law firm that comes highly recommended. Presenting a defense is a process, and you should make sure you follow every step attentively. Collect All Available Information Presuming you've been released from police custody, the first order of business is just getting all your information together. Collect all the documents you were handed upon your release and make copies of them. [Read More]

Ways To Speed Up A Trial Separation To Get A Divorce

Are you looking to divorce your spouse, but you live in a state that requires a trial separation? You might be looking for a way to speed up the process so that you can move forward with a divorce. Here are some ways to speed up the process of getting a divorce. Use Just Cause Exceptions It is possible to get an exception to a trial separation in some situations. If your marriage falls into one of these situations, you can use it as a reason to avoid a trial separation. [Read More]