When A Walk In The Park Ends With A Dog Bite

You are enjoying the beautiful weather by strolling in the park when out of nowhere comes a dog and attacks you .There are over 4.5 million dog bite cases a year with about 20% of them resulting in the need for medical attention. If you’ve been injured by a dog that is not yours, you could face some serious medical issues. Some injuries can include needing stitches, shots, and more depending on how bad the injuries are.

If the dog belongs to someone else, the owner of the dog is required to take care of the medical expenses you incur. Here are the steps you should take when you’ve been bitten by a dog:

Evaluate the Injury

Once you have been bitten by a dog, you need to assess the wound. If it looks to be deep or is gushing out blood, chances are you need to consult a medical professional. In many cases, the wound may require stitches if it is deep enough. If the wound goes untreated, it is possible it could get infected.

This would require antibiotics to alleviate the infection. Whether you have insurance or not, it is important to seek out treatment. Over 30% of dog bites end up with reconstructive surgery. This can cost you thousands of dollars. 

Get the Dog Owner’s Information

It is the dog owner’s responsibility to keep their dog from injuring anyone. In most cases, they are responsible for paying the medical bills you incur when their dog has bitten you. trying to get them to pay for the bills can be difficult. When the bite occurs, it is important to get their information.

This involves a phone number, address, or any other way of contacting the dog owner. Every state has different laws surrounding the liability of dog bites. In some cases, the renter’s or homeowner’s policy can cover the financial responsibility. 

Call a Personal Injury Attorney

When the owner of the dog will not work with you like they should, it is time to call your local personal injury attorney. They are knowledgeable about the local laws surrounding dog bites and can help keep the owner accountable for the dog’s actions.

If the owner remains unwilling to cooperate, the lawyer can help you sue for medical expenses that were incurred due to the dog bite. Many personal injury lawyers will provide a free consultation to help see if you have a case before you retain their services. To learn more, contact a professional like Frank L. Slaughter Jr. PC for help.

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4 Common Injuries Due To Auto Accidents

If you were recently involved in a major auto accident, there is a possibility that you sustained some sort of injury related to the crash. If you were not at fault, you could sue the other driver for the bodily harm that they caused you. If you are suffering from any of these 4 kind of injuries, speak with a lawyer about taking legal action.

Head Injury

An injury to your head is one of the worst injuries you can sustain from an auto accident. Passengers in the front seat are at risk of hitting their head on the car’s dashboard, steering wheel, or windows. Complications can result in brain injuries, either as a mild concussion, or a serious coma.

If you are a victim of a head injury, it will require long-term medical care and treatment that you should not be responsible for paying yourself.

Back Injury

A back injury can lead to serious disabilities, especially if there’s damage to the spinal cord. You may even suffer from nerve damage, which can lead to total or partial loss of movement in your feet, legs, arms, or hands. Extreme injuries to the spinal cord can cause paralysis that is permanent as well.

A minor back injury would include herniated disks. It could cause weakness or numbness in your back, arms, and legs

Neck Injury

A very common neck injury that is associated with auto accidents is whiplash. It is caused by the sudden movement of your head back and forth that is caused by the impact of the accident. Damage can occur to your neck muscles or ligaments, making it very painful to do any sort of movement. Expect to experience swelling and neck pain if you have a whiplash injury.

Chest Injury

Your chest is at risk of being injured in an auto accident due to your seatbelt. Collisions that are hard and fast will cause your seatbelt to put a lot of pressure on your chest, and potentially damage it. It may cause a rib to break or collapse your lung, and in extreme situations be responsible for causing cardiac arrest.

Even if you have health insurance that covers your injuries, remember that damages go beyond what you pay out of pocket for medical treatment. You must also factor your pain and suffering caused by the other driver that is responsible for the accident. If you have a good lawyer on your side, you should have no problem receiving the compensation you deserve.

For more information, contact Todd East Attorney at Law or a similar firm.

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3 Things Every Ex-Felon Should Know About Having Rights Restored

If you’re a young ex-felon newly released from incarceration, or an older felon who has long ago paid your debt to society, you may be wondering about having some of your civil rights restored. There is hope not only on the horizon, but also in newly-written laws that are bringing about changes in many state and federal rules.

Here’s are 3 things you need to know about restoring your civil rights as an ex-felon:

1) Rights restoration hinges on what you did and where you did it.

If you committed a felony against a state, that state also has the discretion to take away your right to vote, to own a firearm, to serve on a jury, or to run for public office.

The rules vary from state to state. Knowing the rules in your particular location is the first step toward having your rights restored.

If you have a federal felony conviction, a different set of rights is lost, including the right to do business with the government for a period of time.

After conviction of any drug crime, sex crime or of some violent crimes, additional rights can be lost for a lifetime. These lost rights can include the right to receive federal tuition grants or nutrition assistance ( food stamp program). But the laws are changing, as states realize that ex-felons need help to get their lives going in a positive direction.

2) Sometimes your civil rights are handed back; sometimes you must go after them.

For example, in two states, your right to vote is never lost, and you can vote by absentee ballot from prison. In other states, you face losing the right to vote forever.

Once you’ve served your sentence, your right to vote may automatically be reinstated in your particular state, but in other states, you will have to petition the state to allow you to vote again. Voting laws, too, are changing for ex-felons in many states. In Wyoming, for example, the requirements necessary to have ex-felons’ voting rights restored will be streamlined or eliminated.

While federal law prohibits convicted felons from owning guns, your state determines if and how you get back the right to own a firearm as an ex-felon. The crime or crimes you committed are also a factor in restoring your gun rights.

Sometimes the state automatically reinstates your 2nd amendment rights, while in most cases, you will have to petition the state or federal government to have the right to own a firearm again. In some states, you’ll have to have your record expunged to regain this right.

3) Even a presidential pardon will not restore all rights automatically.

The possibility of your receiving a state pardon from your governor will, of course, depend on procedure where you live.

For a federal pardon, you must wait five years – and keep your nose clean – before you can petition the US Department of Justice for relief.

Even after a presidential pardon, your state must still restore some of your rights, and you must disclose your prior felony conviction where necessary.

A competent criminal defense attorney is the best person to help you sort through the maze of rights restoration policies. They will know which agencies to contact and which forms to submit. As laws change, they will keep you informed. Criminal defense lawyers are an ex-felon’s best resource when trying to have your civil rights returned to you.

If you want more help or clarification, contact a company like The Law Office of Gregory J. Hermiller, LLC doctor to learn more.

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What To Do When Your Condition Worsens After Settling Your Workers’ Compensation Case

While many people’s conditions improve after receiving medical care for injuries they sustained on the job, some people actually get worse. If this occurs before you settle your workers’ compensation claim, then you would simply make adjustments to the claim to account for changes in your condition. However, what do you do if your condition gets worse after your claim has been settled? Your ability to collect additional compensation for a worsening injury will depend on the circumstance of your case and settlement.

The Terms of Your Settlement

The first thing you’ll need to do is look at the terms of your settlement. In the best case scenario, your settlement will state you’ll be compensated for future costs related to your injuries. All you would need to do in this scenario is submit your bills to workers’ compensation and the insurer would take care of them.

However, to keeps costs low, many times workers’ compensation will require claimants to sign agreements releasing the insurer from any future claims related to the injury. This is typically referred to as “full and final release” or “clincher” deals. If your settlement includes this type of clause, then you’re essentially barred from seeking further compensation for damages.

Possible Workarounds

There are three instances in which you may be able to bypass a full and final release clause and get workers’ compensation to pay for medical expenses related to a worsening injury. If you live in a state where these types of clauses are illegal, then you can file a lawsuit to have the court invalidate that part of the settlement and allow you to obtain money to pay your medical bills.

You can also get workers’ compensation to reopen your case if you can prove your employer engaged in some type of fraud during the claim. Specifically, if you can show that your employer misrepresented the facts or terms of the settlement agreement then workers’ comp may be willing to reopen the closed claim. Be aware, though, that this can be difficult to do, especially if there is no supporting evidence such as audio recordings or emails.

The third option for getting compensation for a worsening condition is to have it qualify as a new injury. However, this is only possible if another incident occurs that re-injures the affected body part. For instance, if you slip and fall and the accident causes your back pain from a previous incident to worsen, then you may be able to submit a brand new claim for damages to workers’ comp.

All of these options require a careful reading of the law and a sound legal strategy. It’s best to consult with a workers’ compensation attorney before taking any action.

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Motorcycle Safety: The Not-So-Well-Known Safety Measures

Many people dream of their first motorcycle ride. With the help of a friend, they imagine riding down some back road, learning the ins and outs of riding. What they don’t dream about is what they’re missing out on. And that is safety. Before anyone should get on a motorcycle for their first ride, they should take a safety course. There are many safety measures that can save your life when you’re out on the road, and without these courses, it’s hard to remember all of them. Here are a few not-so-common safety measures that you’ll learn in your motorcycle safety course.

  1. Weight: Before you even purchase your first motorcycle, you should know how much you weigh and how strong you are. If you buy a heavy bike, you should make sure that you are strong enough to push your bike or even lift it up if it falls over, so know your strength.
  2. Intersections: The most dangerous place for motorcycles, and where most accidents occur is in the middle of intersections. Motorcycles are smaller than cars, so many people that are turning right on a red will only look long enough to see larger vehicles. When you’re going through an intersection, slow down a little bit and look in every direction, not just the direction of oncoming traffic, to make sure everyone sees you coming.
  3. Road Hazards: The smaller tires on motorcycles make them more likely to have problems with road hazards such as pot holes, puddles, and uneven pavement. Avoid these hazards as much as possible, even the ones you know your car could easily handle.
  4. Rainfall: While most of the time it is okay to drive in the rain, this is not the case for the beginning of a rainfall. This is when the oils in the street seep out, making the roads much more slippery. If at all possible, sit out the beginning of the rainfall for a few minutes to avoid these dangerous conditions.
  5. Brakes and Puddles: Driving through water can affect your brakes in a few ways. If you can’t avoid driving through puddles, make sure you have a chance to test your brakes. All you have to do is apply light pressure to ensure that they are still working properly, and then you can be on your way.

Safety is the most important thing when you’re on a motorcycle. To avoid accident and injury, follow these simple rules along with everything you learn from your safety course to ensure that you will keep riding for years and years to come. If you are involved in an accident that is not your fault, you may want to contact a motorcycle accident lawyer to see if you are entitled to compensation.

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How To Take Care Of Your Back After A Car Accident

When you get in a car accident, you may not feel back pain right away, but you may have still injured your back. Sometimes your endorphins and adrenaline will prevent you from feeling pain right away. Once the endorphins wear off, the pain can set in. Putting off treatment can be dangerous, even when you may not feel the pain of an injury. This is why you may want to follow the advice below if you are involved in a car accident.

Go to the doctor right away

If you are involved in a car accident, you want to seek treatment right away. You can’t judge whether or not you are going to end up with a back injury by how minor or severe an accident is. Even a little fender bender can cause an injury depending on many factors such as how you were sitting, the angle of the accident, etc.

Putting off going to the doctor can lead to a worsening of an injury, more pain when the pain does set in, the onset of new injuries caused by the untreated one and the possibility of messing up a potential claim. Most insurance companies consider 72 hours a fair amount of time to seek treatment. If you don’t see a doctor within this time frame and you do end up having an injury, your case will not look as strong.

Put yourself on light duty

Even if you feel like you are fine, you want to act as if you are inured. Take it easy and don’t do anything strenuous such as exercising, participating in sports and/or doing any heavy lifting and bending. You want to avoid anything that may worsen an unknown injury. You can take anti-inflammatories and over the counter-pain-relievers to get relief. You can also use cold compresses for 20 minutes every couple of hours.

Keep a journal

If you start to feel pain or any other sensation that’s not normal for you, write down what you were doing when the feeling occurred and what date and time the onset became noticeable. This will help you explain things properly when you go to see your doctor. This journal may also prove to be helpful when you go see a lawyer.  

Contact an auto accident lawyer

The minute it becomes evident that you may have suffered a back injury in an automobile accident, you want to contact an auto accident lawyer from a firm such as McLaughlin & Lauricella, P.C. They will give you advice, and if they take your case, they will handle all legal happenings from that point forward.

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About The Cost Of Drafting Up A Will & What Happens During Probate Administration

A will is the most effective way to make sure your assets will be handed over to the right people after death. Administering your assets to your beneficiaries will be done through the probate process, which is carried out in a court depending on the laws in your state.

Find out what a lawyer will charge to draft up a will and what happens during the probate administration process after death:

What Will a Lawyer Charge to Draft Up a Will?

A will can be a simple document that clearly appoints an individual as the beneficiary over assets, or it can involve multiple people and be complex. When you hire a lawyer to draft up your will, he or she will charge you based on the complexity of the will. You can be charged a flat fee for drafting up the documents, or you may be charged an hourly rate that can average up to $300 in some cases.

Paying a lawyer to draft up a will is worth it in the long run because you will have a legal document that must be legally carried out after you are deceased. Without a will in place, anyone can say that they deserve the rights to the assets you leave behind. A fight over assets can cause a drawn out court battle to take place, but a will can be legally administered to your beneficiaries in probate court.

What Will Happen During Probate Administration After Death?

When you get a will drafted up, you will also have to choose someone to execute it when necessary. The person responsible for executing the will has to make sure your assets are administered through court to make it legal. During probate administration, a judge will oversee the case by examining the will.

Your executor will make sure everything is administered as you desire, and he or she can also represent for you in court if someone happens to contest the will. You can expect probate administration to cost an average of 2-7% of what your assets are worth. The money will go towards the executor, lawyer and other expenses concerning the process.

Make sure that your beneficiaries are legally set after you have passed away without worrying about people you don’t know well trying to gain access to your assets. Hire a lawyer to draft up a will so your loved ones will have a legal document that can be used for probate administration. To learn more, contact a firm like Davis and Mathis with any questions you have.

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