When Your Ex Is The Visitor: Understanding Child Visitation

Unless you and your spouse are participating in a shared (or 50/50) parenting plan, one of you will be acting as the primary custodial parent, and the other will be assigned visitation. Once the judge signs the order, you will be expected to abide by the rules, so it's in your best interest to understand and abide by that visitation order. There are really very few good reasons to deny your ex visitation, so read on for a better understanding of child custody and in particular, visitation. [Read More]

Divorce Problems: Keep Your Stress Down With These Tips

If you're facing a nasty divorce, you may experience a great deal of stress during the proceedings. Your stress levels may increase substantially if children are involved. Your stressful life may have a negative influence on your children and their emotional well-being. The other parent's bad behavior may also affect your kids. Although it can be difficult, you can keep your stress levels down with these tips. Avoid Talking Negative About the Other Parent [Read More]

Taking A Look Ahead: What To Expect With Your Divorce

Unless you used a crystal ball to foresee the future, you might never imagine how long and complicated the divorce process can be. For some, a fairly quick and simple procedure could be in store if your divorce doesn't involve children, property or is uncontested. For most, however, divorce is a process that usually takes several months to accomplish. It may help to understand whats happening by taking a look ahead. [Read More]

Why Road Accidents Aren't The Only Cause Of Truck Driver Injuries

It's not just accidents on the road that truck drivers have to worry about in their line of work; they face other non-crash injuries too. Just like other workers, truck drivers are also entitled to workers' compensation benefits if they are injured on the job. Here are some of the injuries truck drivers have to battle with: Loading and Unloading Accidents                    Many truck drivers don't just drive trucks; they also help with loading and offloading of cargo. [Read More]