How To Choose An Intellectual Property Attorney: What You Need To Know

You think you might need an intellectual property attorney, but you're not entirely sure. As most stories go, you have an amazing idea—not just an okay, good, or possibly profitable idea. You have an idea that you've spent years researching and working on. And you are absolutely sure that your awesomely innovative invention requires a patent. Now what? The next steps that you take are essential to making sure that your intellectual property (in other words, your ideas and the mental labor) is protected. [Read More]

Two Examples Of Legal Challenges That May Complicate An Open Adoption Process

Although most birth parents prefer open adoption, the process is fraught with some legal challenges for adoptive parents. Fortunately, these challenges will be surmountable if the adoption process was above board and everything is legal.  Here are a couple of examples of these challenges: Issues with Relinquishment Relinquishment is the process by which the birth parent gives up their child for adoption, which means they renounce their legal rights to the birth of the child. [Read More]

Proving Your Losses: How To Strengthen Your Personal Injury Lawsuit

When you are hurt because of another person, you may be able to receive compensation for your losses. While you will have to establish the extent of your injuries and that your injuries were caused by a liable person, you will also need to show what your losses are. Your financial award in a personal injury lawsuit looks at your lost wages, medical bills, costs associated with fixing your car if it's a car accident case, and money for losses that are more difficult to measure. [Read More]

3 Of The Main Reasons Teens Are Involved In Auto Accidents

If your son or daughter is soon to be a licensed driver, you want to be sure that you are doing what you can to implement safety on the road. After all, driving is dangerous and there are tons of accidents every year that not only cause damage but can also lead to serious or fatal injuries. This is why it's important, as the parent of a teen driver, to know the three main reasons teen drivers are involved in auto accidents and what you can do about it: [Read More]