3 Of The Main Reasons Teens Are Involved In Auto Accidents

If your son or daughter is soon to be a licensed driver, you want to be sure that you are doing what you can to implement safety on the road. After all, driving is dangerous and there are tons of accidents every year that not only cause damage but can also lead to serious or fatal injuries. This is why it's important, as the parent of a teen driver, to know the three main reasons teen drivers are involved in auto accidents and what you can do about it:

Driving While Upset: 

Teens tend to have ever-changing emotions that are strong, especially while dealing with the pressures of school and the pressures of maintaining a social life. Many teens find themselves on the road while under the influence of strong emotions that can lead to serious road rage and poor driving choices. As a parent, you need to be aware of this so that you can let your child know what they should do in these situations, which would be to pull over, call and talk to someone, and take the time to calm down before getting on the road again. 

Not Understanding Hazards: 

There are many hazards on the road that experienced drivers are aware of. Experienced drivers also know how to handle getting around these hazards safely. It's important that while teaching your teen how to drive, you go over some of the hazards that they could stumble upon, such as workers on the road. Your teen should drive a safe distance from workers on the side of the road. Your teen should also know that swerving when they see an animal on the road is dangerous. Most of the time the animal will move out of the way at the last minute anyway. 

Driving Without Proper Licensing: 

Once your teen receives their permit, they are likely excited to get themselves out on the road. However, when your teen only has their permit, they should not be driving without an adult in the vehicle. If your teen drives on their own during this time, not only do they not have the proper experience, but they are also putting themselves in danger of getting in an accident. The thrill of driving on their own alone can be enough to lead them to make poor driving choices. It's important that you keep the car keys away from your teen until they receive their license. It's also best not to gift them a car until their license has been issued to them. 

When you know these three main reasons teens are involved in auto accidents every year, you can be sure that you take action to do what you can to ensure that your teen is safe on the road.