Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Automatic Stay FAQs

Although there are several benefits to filing for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, one of the most important is an automatic stay. The stay prevents your creditors from taking legal actions against you. However, the stay does has its limitations. If you are filing for bankruptcy, here is what you need to know about the automatic stay.   What Legal Actions Does the Automatic Stay Stop? In most instances, the automatic stay can stop collections and lawsuits from a range of creditors. [Read More]

3 Tips For Dealing With Your Dead Relative's Credit Card Debt

Are you the estate executor for a loved one who recently passed away? Did that person pass away with a significant outstanding credit card balance? When people pass away with a significant amount of debt, their relatives often worry that they'll be on the hook for paying the debt. Fortunately, that's not usually the case unless a relative co-signed on the debt. In that case, they could be held responsible. However, just because your not a co-signer doesn't mean creditors won't try to collect from you. [Read More]

4 Custody Tips For Unwed Fathers

The dissolution of a relationship is difficult on its own, but adding children to the mix can make it even worse. This is especially true if you and your partner weren't married. As an unmarried father you will want to make sure that you have custodial or visitation rights to your child. The following tips can help you secure these rights. Tip #1: Establish Paternity Hopefully your paternity was established at the time of birth. [Read More]

Aiding In Your Defense: What You Can Do To Make Your Attorney's Job Easier

Regardless of the reason for it, no one wants to be subject to the close personal attention of law enforcement. The problems most people encounter stem from a lack of understanding about how the criminal justice system works. Once you better understand the rights and protections afforded to every citizen by the law, you'll find the entire experience to be much less unpleasant. Understanding Compliance The easiest way to make any official interaction with law enforcement go more smoothly is simply to comply with them. [Read More]