Aiding In Your Defense: What You Can Do To Make Your Attorney's Job Easier

Regardless of the reason for it, no one wants to be subject to the close personal attention of law enforcement. The problems most people encounter stem from a lack of understanding about how the criminal justice system works. Once you better understand the rights and protections afforded to every citizen by the law, you'll find the entire experience to be much less unpleasant.

Understanding Compliance

The easiest way to make any official interaction with law enforcement go more smoothly is simply to comply with them. There are some limits you need to be aware of though, both to ensure you're protecting yourself and to expedite the interaction. To begin, don't volunteer access to your personal property, including your person, residence or vehicle unless served with official documentation, signed by a judge. When talking to a police officer, remember to answer only questions that you're asked, but be aware that you can choose to stop answering questions any time you wish. Also remember that as a citizen you are free to disengage from any law enforcement interaction at any time, unless you are being arrested or detained. If you wish to walk away, simply ask if you're "free to go". You are either free to leave or you're about to be arrested, and either way you should be done talking.

"Am I Being Detained?"

If you're being detained or arrested, the officer is required by the U.S. Constitution to advise you of your rights, and receive acknowledgement that you have heard and understood them. At this point you should avoid anything that might be seen as physical resistance, hesitation or aggression. All questions being asked are now a part of an official investigation and it's in your best interest to have a lawyer present.

Being arrested and requesting a lawyer will prolong your stay in custody, which is often why people under arrest waive that right. Guilty or innocent, having a lawyer present for any questioning is your best chance of a positive resolution to this encounter. The less you've shared with the investigating officers at this point, the more effectively your lawyer can work on your behalf, but it's also in your best interest to be as forthcoming with your attorney as possible. This will ensure that they are able to advise you more effectively and reach the desired outcome.

No one wants to find themselves under scrutiny by the police for any reason, but if it happens it's important that you know how to best impact the outcome. Taking the right action, and knowing how to interact with police will help your attorney get the most desirable results possible.

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