Unsure Who Caused A Collision & Getting Accused

Driving is not only a privilege, but it is a skill that should be used with a lot of caution to prevent accidents. However, sometimes accidents happen simply because they could not have been prevented no matter how skilled a driver may be. For example, if one driver is turning into a parking lot at the same time that another driver is driving out, it may be a simple mistake. If you were accused of causing the accident in such a situation, hiring a lawyer is vital to building your case. No matter how complicated it may seem in determining who is responsible for the accident, a lawyer has the skills to figure things out. 

The Probability of You Being At Fault

When the conditions that caused a collision are complicated, taking legal action could be frustrating without knowing where to begin. For instance, although you were accused by the other party, it does not mean that you should simply accept being at fault when you are not sure you are. A lawyer will help by using several tactics to find out what happened, including spending a lot of time on finding witnesses. Other than speaking to witnesses, a lawyer can find surveillance footage, especially since the accident happened near a parking lot. The reason is that businesses near the parking lot might have surveillance footage of the accident that shows how probable you are for being at fault.

What the Authorities Think About the Collision

Other than performing their own investigation of the accident, a lawyer will consider what the authorities think happened. Each time there is a collision, the authorities write an accident report that points out who they think is at fault. What a lawyer will do is obtain the accident report and review the information that it contains. Even if the report shows that you caused the accident, a lawyer can contest the accusation. If the accident report points to the other party being at fault, it will work in your favor.

Your Rights Regarding Filing an Insurance Claim

If a lawyer believes the other party caused the accident, he or she can assist with filing an insurance claim. For example, a lawyer can find out who the other party's insurance provider is and get the filing process started. On the other hand, they can assist with filing a claim with your own insurance provider if you have full coverage.

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