Ways To Speed Up A Trial Separation To Get A Divorce

Are you looking to divorce your spouse, but you live in a state that requires a trial separation? You might be looking for a way to speed up the process so that you can move forward with a divorce. Here are some ways to speed up the process of getting a divorce.

Use Just Cause Exceptions

It is possible to get an exception to a trial separation in some situations. If your marriage falls into one of these situations, you can use it as a reason to avoid a trial separation.

Your Spouse Cheated

If the reason for your divorce is that your spouse cheated on you, you can use this to shorten the divorce process. It will help to have some sort of proof that adultery occurred, which can be tricky. Consider hiring a private investigator to get the evidence that you need before filing for divorce so you can avoid trial separation completely. Adultery is often an unforgivable offense that will not work itself out.

Your Spouse Is Abusive

The states that have rules about trial separation also have safeguards to protect spouses that are victims of abuse. If you have ever been abused by your spouse, make sure you report the incident to the police so that you can use it during your divorce as evidence. There is no reason to stay with someone that is abusing you, especially if the abuse can continue during a trial separation period. The courts are aware of this and will grant the divorce early.

Your Spouse Abandoned Your Family

There may be a situation where your spouse abandoned you. They've left the home and cannot be contacted anymore. This is a unique situation where a trial separation is pointless and will only prevent you from moving on. Let a judge know that your spouse has deserted your family to speed up the process.

Change Your Residence

Another option is to temporarily change where you live in order to take advantage of another state's divorce laws. The good news is that your spouse doesn't have to be a resident for you to take advantage of the laws. Consider moving to one of these states, like Nevada, where the waiting period to get a divorce is only a few weeks instead of several months. While this may not be the most practical advice, desperate times can sometimes require desperate measures. It may be the only solution to get you out of a bad marriage.

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