Was Your Child Knocked Unconcious And Seriously Injured? Get A Legal Team Today

If there was an incident while your child was at school and they were knocked unconscious and taken by ambulance, you need to call a lawyer. Violence or negligence in a school is unacceptable. You deserve answers to find out exactly what happened to your child, especially if they are unconscious or don't remember the specifics of what happened.  

The lawyer can start working to gather information and evidence from the school while you are caring for your child. Leap into action on these things so you can get the case in motion.

Get Written and Verbal Statements

Try to quickly get written statements from the adults that saw what happened and verbal statements as well. It's best for this to happen as quickly as possible while the memory is fresh in all their minds. These statements can be key evidence in the case, and if all the stories are similar, this could be all the evidence that you need. Live witness statements can be very impactful in a courtroom.

Don't Have Contact with the School

You shouldn't have any contact with the school as soon as you have contacted a lawyer. The lawyer will do all of the communicating, so there aren't any misconceptions or negotiations made. You don't want to wrongfully agree to a deal or say things that can be taken out of context. They should be notified to communicate strictly through your legal team.

Go Over the Injuries

Have the doctors that are working on your child or that have treated them discuss with your legal team the extreme consequences of their injuries. Your lawyers need to know the problems now, the complications your child may have in the future with their health, and the ways this is going to affect their life. Permanent complications because of someone else's violence need to be settled in court.

If you don't know how long your child could take to recover or if their health will ever be 100 percent again, you want to get a legal team behind you to get justice. You send your child to school thinking that they will be safe, that they will be there to learn, and that violence won't be a problem. If they were harmed by another student or a faculty member or if negligence was a factor in the event, you have a case that you need to move forward with.

For more information, reach out to a lawyer such as Anthony Smith Law, P.A.