When You Have Been Wronged, But You Don't Want To Go To Court: Law Services That May Help

There are times, places, and instances where you have been wronged. Should you sue? You could, but can you afford to sue? What about taking time off from work to appear in court?

When none of that really appeals to you, but you do not want to leave things as they are, there are some law services that may be able to help. Better still, these services do not cost as much as hiring a lawyer on retainer and having to go to court, which may appeal to you if you do not have the finances for it.

A Letter of "Cease and Desist" 

If someone has been harassing you, providing nasty references after agreeing to supply good references, or otherwise making some aspect of your life exceedingly difficult, then a letter to "cease and desist" might be a good option for you. All this letter will typically cost you is what the lawyer charges for thirty minutes to an hour of his/her time to compose the letter and print it out. The letter often warns the offender that if he/she does not "cease and desist from all harassing, defaming, or threatening behavior, that further legal action will be brought against him/her." It is usually enough to discourage the offender from continuing the problematic behavior.

Stalking and Assault Actions Settled  

An order of protection, otherwise known as a restraining order, is something a lawyer can file on your behalf. Stalkers typically will not show up to court when they know they are guilty, and most states will provide restraining orders against stalkers without a hearing. Better still, you only have to supply enough proof to show that the stalker has been following you for at least two or three days in a row. Pictures, video, and your personal statement is all that the lawyer needs to accompany your request for an OOP. All you'll pay for is the time it took for the lawyer to draw up the document and the filing fee.

Eviction Notices

Evictions start with the correct paperwork in your county and state. Your lawyer will be able to provide you with the correct and legally binding paperwork, and if you pay him/her for an hour's time, he/she will help you fill out the paperwork, too. Then you can either choose to file the paperwork with the clerk of courts yourself, or you can pay the lawyer a filing fee to do it for you. The best part is that you know that the paperwork is completely in order because you had, and paid for, a lawyer's help.