Things Parents Should Know About Child Support Payments

Raising children is an extremely expensive responsibility. Unfortunately, it is a reality that relationships can fail, and if this occurs, the legal system's ability to enforce child support payments can be essential to ensure the parent with primary custody has the resources they need to raise the child.

Have An Understanding About The Factors That Will Determine Your Child Support Obligations

The setting of the child support payments can be a complicated process. Each state will have its own internal rules for establishing the child support payments that a parent will be required to make, and this can lead to widespread discrepancies. While there are sliding scales that can be used to help judges set a fair payment amount, there are many other issues and considerations. For example, the current debts and liabilities of the parent may need to be considered to ensure the child support payment is something they can reasonably pay.

Appreciate The Need For Representation When Setting Child Support Amounts

Due to the fact that child support payments are often closely tied to the income of the parent, it is important to be properly represented throughout the process of setting these payments. Otherwise, it could be possible for these payments to be set far too high than what should be considered fair. Having professional representation during this process will help to ensure your needs and abilities are considered when the child support payment is set.

Know The Consequences Of Failing To Pay Your Child Support Obligations

It is common for individuals to feel some resentment at being forced to make child support payments. As a result, they may skip these payments or otherwise avoid making them. However, this can have serious consequences. For example, the courts will have the power to garnish wages or levy liens to force you to settle this debt. Furthermore, it can be possible for you to lose parental rights to your children if you repeatedly refuse to meet this obligation.

Understand Your Rights When It Concerns The Other Parent Failing To Pay Their Child Support

In situations where the other parent is not meeting their child support obligations, you may want to take action to punish or otherwise compel them to make these payments. This is an understandable concern, but it is an urge that you may need to resist. Only the court can issue penalties for failing to make these payments. Attempting to withhold visitation or taking other actions may not be appreciated by the court and they can even prove to be counterproductive to your efforts. Rather, you should notify your attorney, and allow them to take the appropriate steps.

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