Why a Lack of Training Is a Form of Negligence in a Nursing Home

In many cases, the staff who work at a nursing home have no intention of hurting the patients they are caring for. However, to properly care for a nursing home patient, staff must be adequately trained. Failing to train the staff can be considered an act of negligence and you may be entitled to compensation if your loved one is injured as a result.  Addressing Duty of Care A nursing home is responsible for providing a reasonable level of care to nursing home residents. [Read More]

How A Private Equity Attorney Can Assist With Your Company's Investment Or Acquisition

Is your company thinking of making a major move? Perhaps you are about to buy a stake in another company in exchange for some of their talent or access to the company's IP? Maybe you even want to fully acquire another company or merge your current firm with another one. Regardless of how you are going to go about it, any decision that represents an investment in or acquisition of another company is obviously not something to consider lightly. [Read More]