Will You Lose Your Assets If You File For Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

One of the main questions people ask when filing for Chapter 7 is whether they will lose their assets. After all, Chapter 7 offers a discharge of debts in exchange for the assets you own. As a result, lawyers call this the "liquidation branch" of bankruptcy law. The truth is that you could lose some of the things you own, but some people do not lose any assets. It depends on your case and situation, and here are several things you might want to know about this before filing. [Read More]

Factors That Influence Auto Accident Retribution

If you have sustained significant injuries in an automobile accident, you may be seeking compensation for the expenses that you have incurred because of the accident. Many accident victims require extensive medical care to help them fully heal from their injuries. Additionally, their automobile and items within the vehicle may have to be replaced or repaired. Also, as victims recover from their injuries, they may be unable to work. Thus, they may seek to recover their lost wages. [Read More]

What Happens When I Turn Around At A DUI Checkpoint?

The police often set up checkpoints as a way to identify drivers who are driving under the influence of alcohol. If you encounter a checkpoint that you don't want to drive through, you might wonder if you can simply perform a U-turn to avoid it. While some U-turns are legal, this action can lead to the police suspecting that you are driving under the influence of alcohol. The Consequences of Making a U-Turn [Read More]

Want To Keep Your House In Divorce? 4 Methods

Are you going through a divorce while co-owner of a family home? This particular asset can be the source of significant negotiation challenges, especially when one party really wants to keep that home. What can you do to avoid having to sell the house? Here are four methods to consider. 1. Use Assets for a Buyout A buyout occurs when one spouse purchases the other's portion of value or equity in the house. [Read More]