5 Questions To Ask When Your Personal Injury Claim Is Based On Emotional Distress

Physical injury is one thing in a personal injury claim, but emotional distress can be a lot harder to prove. Unlike a physical injury, emotional injury cannot be seen with simple observance in most cases. If you plan to base your personal injury claim on mostly emotional distress, there are five questions you should ask yourself to make sure you actually have a chance to prove your claims. 1. What is/will be the duration of your emotional distress? [Read More]

What To Do When Your Condition Worsens After Settling Your Workers' Compensation Case

While many people's conditions improve after receiving medical care for injuries they sustained on the job, some people actually get worse. If this occurs before you settle your workers' compensation claim, then you would simply make adjustments to the claim to account for changes in your condition. However, what do you do if your condition gets worse after your claim has been settled? Your ability to collect additional compensation for a worsening injury will depend on the circumstance of your case and settlement. [Read More]

Motorcycle Safety: The Not-So-Well-Known Safety Measures

Many people dream of their first motorcycle ride. With the help of a friend, they imagine riding down some back road, learning the ins and outs of riding. What they don't dream about is what they're missing out on. And that is safety. Before anyone should get on a motorcycle for their first ride, they should take a safety course. There are many safety measures that can save your life when you're out on the road, and without these courses, it's hard to remember all of them. [Read More]

How To Take Care Of Your Back After A Car Accident

When you get in a car accident, you may not feel back pain right away, but you may have still injured your back. Sometimes your endorphins and adrenaline will prevent you from feeling pain right away. Once the endorphins wear off, the pain can set in. Putting off treatment can be dangerous, even when you may not feel the pain of an injury. This is why you may want to follow the advice below if you are involved in a car accident. [Read More]