3 Steps In Presenting A DUI Defense

Defending yourself against allegations of driving while under the influence can pose a number of challenges, even if you've hired a DUI law firm that comes highly recommended. Presenting a defense is a process, and you should make sure you follow every step attentively. Collect All Available Information Presuming you've been released from police custody, the first order of business is just getting all your information together. Collect all the documents you were handed upon your release and make copies of them. [Read More]

Ways To Speed Up A Trial Separation To Get A Divorce

Are you looking to divorce your spouse, but you live in a state that requires a trial separation? You might be looking for a way to speed up the process so that you can move forward with a divorce. Here are some ways to speed up the process of getting a divorce. Use Just Cause Exceptions It is possible to get an exception to a trial separation in some situations. If your marriage falls into one of these situations, you can use it as a reason to avoid a trial separation. [Read More]

Was Your Child Knocked Unconcious And Seriously Injured? Get A Legal Team Today

If there was an incident while your child was at school and they were knocked unconscious and taken by ambulance, you need to call a lawyer. Violence or negligence in a school is unacceptable. You deserve answers to find out exactly what happened to your child, especially if they are unconscious or don't remember the specifics of what happened.   The lawyer can start working to gather information and evidence from the school while you are caring for your child. [Read More]

Ways To Prove The Use Of Your Seat Restraint In An Industrial Forklift Accident

If you work in a warehouse, part of your job may be to operate a forklift. Doing so has its share of risks, but the proper training and constant attention to safely operating this machine can lessen your risk of an accident that hurts you or someone around you. Unfortunately, there can sometimes be situations that are beyond your control, and you could end up having a forklift accident. One of the worst kinds of accidents involving this vehicle is when it tips over, as the impact can be considerable and you could even get partially trapped under part of the machine. [Read More]