The First Critical Personal Injury Attorney Meeting: What To Know

A lot can result from your first attorney meeting after an accident. This is the time to learn what you can expect because of a careless driver that caused you injuries. You must be ready to do your part if you want to get the most from your initial appointment. Read on for some tips on doing that.

Make Notes

If you have not been keeping an accident journal, it's a good idea to begin one. Use it to recall what happened the day of the accident and every detail you can remember about it. Use it to record your medical treatment details, appointments, phone calls, and more. Also, use the journal to make notes about the stress and discomfort the accident has caused you. If you are not able to get a journal started, write down what you remember about the accident and your medical treatment.

Bring Paperwork

You probably have a file of paperwork by now. Organize your papers by categories that make sense to you. You might want to separate accident vehicle information from your medical treatment, for example. One of the most important papers is the accident report. You can get an accident report by contacting the law enforcement agency that responded to the accident. If you have any medical treatment paperwork, bring that as well. Your lawyer will be asking you about your employment and how much time you missed from work. Lost wages are important so bring a check stub or pay statement with you.

Ask Questions

Consider what issues are troubling you the most and jot them down. For many victims, the time after an accident can seem overwhelming. Writing about your worries is not only therapeutic but it can help you identify your worst fears about the accident case outcome. Turn those worrisome thoughts into questions for your lawyer. If they cannot answer them immediately, they will when then have enough information. Here are some questions many victims need to be answered:

  • How much money can I be paid?
  • How fast can this be over with?
  • What will happen next?

You Won't Need Money

One thing you won't need to worry about now is the money to pay your lawyer. Most of them are paid once you win your case and only if you do. Ask the lawyer to explain the contingency fee agreement. This way of taking care of legal bills takes the financial burden off victims and gets them the legal help they need with their cases. To find out more about the fee agreement and more, contact a firm like Cooper Levenson Attorneys at Law.