How A Private Equity Attorney Can Assist With Your Company's Investment Or Acquisition

Is your company thinking of making a major move? Perhaps you are about to buy a stake in another company in exchange for some of their talent or access to the company's IP? Maybe you even want to fully acquire another company or merge your current firm with another one. Regardless of how you are going to go about it, any decision that represents an investment in or acquisition of another company is obviously not something to consider lightly. Today, more and more companies like yours are turning to private equity attorneys before closing on this kind of deal. Here's how a private equity attorney can help you.

Is It a Good Idea or Not?

While you may think about lawyers in terms of managing legal risk, private equity attorneys are also usually adept at analyzing a potential deal and letting you know if it makes good financial sense in addition to legal sense. Your private equity lawyer is not an accountant, but they can often analyze a situation in the same way that an investment banker would. What are the potential risks to your company if you take on this new deal? You may have already done quite a bit of research yourself, but it can be helpful to have a lawyer getting your back every step of the way.

Make Sure the Terms Are Spelled Out So Everyone Knows What the Future Holds

If you are making an investment in another company, you are likely doing so to get access to certain things. You likely have even greater expectations if you are fully acquiring or merging with another firm. Your private equity lawyer will draw up the terms for you, negotiate with the other side, and make sure everyone is happy with the final deal and that expectations are clear across the board. You don't want to close on the deal and then have the other side balk at providing access to something that you considered to be crucial.

Assistance When Things Go Wrong

Speaking of things going sideways, involving your private equity lawyer from the beginning will make sure that you have someone prepared to take action immediately if the other party doesn't live up to the deal that they signed. Sometimes just being sent a letter or getting a phone call from an attorney can help a difficult business partner change their tune.

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