Common Reasons For Merging Accidents

One of the most important aspects of a car accident case is determining who is at fault. One of the most common causes of a car accident is improper merging. If an accident occurs for this reason, you will want to contact a car accident attorney as soon as possible.

Why Accidents Are Common When Merging

Merging safely can be very tricky. If you are on the expressway, you might not have a lot of time to merge because of the speed at which traffic is moving. Some drivers have a difficult time judging speed and distance and also do not check their blind spots. If a driver caused an accident because he didn't check his blind spot, this might be used as evidence of negligence.

Sometimes drivers simply make mistakes and cross into other lanes accidentally. This often happens when turning or when traveling through a construction zone late at night when lanes can sometimes merge together suddenly. Other drivers are sometimes distracted or inebriated. It is easier to argue that the other driver is at fault for an accident in situations like this. You will need to talk to a car accident lawyer to figure out what evidence you have that points to the other driver being at fault.

For example, if a driver did not use a turn signal when merging, you may be able to use this as evidence that the other driver was being negligent and caused the accident. Typically, whoever merges lanes is considered responsible for the accident. However, if you were speeding, you might be considered responsible for the accident.

Injuries Caused By Merging Lanes

If you are struck by another driver who was merging lanes, you might suffer from one of several injuries such as whiplash, brain damage, injury to your spinal cord, or fractures. After you have been injured, you will want to receive medical treatment as soon as possible. You will also want to speak with an auto accident attorney as soon as possible. These types of accidents can be more complicated than you might think.

Once you have determined the damages you have suffered as a result of your car accident and injuries, your car accident lawyer will help you calculate the damages you are owed. With that, you will then be able to seek compensation for your injuries by seeking a settlement from the insurance provider.

For more information about hiring a car accident lawyer for your case, contact a local law practice.