Can You Sue A Tanning Salon After An Injury In A Tanning Bed?

It is estimated that about 30 million people rely on tanning beds every year to get a tan, which makes tanning salons a very popular place of business. When you visit a tanning salon, you can expect that you may get a little extra "sun" than what you are accustomed to, and slight burns are relatively common as part of the tanning process. However, if you go to a tanning salon and walk away with severe injuries, it may be a good idea to consult a personal injury attorney for advice. Here are a few things you should know if you feel you have been wrongly injured at a tanning salon. 

You may have to prove that some kind of negligence was involved. 

Even if you get severely burned in a tanning bed, you do have to prove that there was some kind of negligence involved. There is always a risk of getting burned when you get into a tanning bed, but this is why the professionals at the salon should be there to guide you on how to properly use the bed. For example, if you had never been to a tanning salon before, and no one told you that you should only stay in for a few minutes during the first visits, you could get severely burned by staying far too long. 

Tanning salon injuries can be harder to navigate. 

Due to the fact that you are openly taking a risk when you get in a tanning bed, these kinds of personal injuries can be a little harder to navigate. While the claims do happen in the personal injury field, they are rarer than something like a slip and fall injury. It is critical that you work with a personal injury lawyer that has experience with these types of claims. 

Ill-functioning tanning equipment should be documented as best as you can. 

In some cases involving tanning bed injuries, it is faulty equipment that is to blame for the incident. A few examples of faulty equipment at a tanning salon include:

  • The timer on the tanning bed was not functional and did not turn off as it was supposed to 
  • The bulbs in the tanning bed were too hot 
  • The tanning bed would not open or turn off 

In any of these situations, if you are injured due to faulty equipment, try your best to document the problem with the camera on your phone with pictures or video.