What You Should Know About Child Custody Cases

When you are filing for divorce, one of the things you will need to figure out is your child custody arrangement. This is often one of the most stressful parts of a divorce, so it helps to learn more about it before proceeding.

You Need To Provide A Stable Home

If you are attempting to get sole or shared custody of your children, you need to prove that you can provide for them. You will start by showing that you have a job and can financially take care of them. If you are the spouse that moved out of your home, you need to move somewhere that is safe and family-friendly to provide your children with a stable home environment. Whether it is a house or an apartment, have enough space for your children, making sure the home is large enough to accommodate everyone. With a stable home environment, you have a good chance of getting shared custody at the very least.

Time Spent With The Kids Makes A Difference

One important thing to note when you are going through a divorce and potential child custody case is that the amount of time you volunteer to spend with your children can make a difference. If you and your spouse both prove to be fit parents to raise your children, the judge will look at small details to decide who gets custody of them. Even in shared custody cases, they need to decide which parent is more fitted to have the children living with them the majority of the time. You want to know not only that you are capable of taking care of your children, but that you want to spend time with them. Continue visiting with the children through the divorce, even if they aren't currently living with you. This shows the courts that you care enough to drop what you are doing just to get more time with your kids.

Children Have A Say In Living Arrangements

What many parents don't realize when they first get divorced or separated is that with child custody arrangements, the children might have a choice. Many judges want to speak to the child, depending on their age. They will ask the children which parent they want to live with. This can be a hard choice for children and teenagers, but in some cases, the child has a good reason for choosing one parent or the other. It may come down to the parent themselves, the home, or the neighborhood where their friends are. 

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