Mechanical Malfunctions: Auto Accidents That Are Definitely Not Your Fault And How An Attorney Can Help

Every year, dozens of makes and models of vehicles are recalled for one reason or another. It is the responsibility of the car manufacturers to alert car dealerships, owners, and potential buyers of these recalls. Not everyone gets the message all of the time. This results in some freak accidents which could have been prevented had better communication strategies been enacted. If you find yourself in an accident where your brakes suddenly do not work or your cruise control turns itself on and you smash into a building, then you need an auto accident attorney. He or she can help you in the following ways.

Stuck in a Lawsuit You Did Not Ask For

Suddenly crashing into other vehicles, houses or buildings is not something you expect to happen. Determining the cause of the accident helps you feel better about your circumstances, but when a lawsuit comes around, the cause becomes more important in determining who should pay for the damages. Rather than accepting the fact that you have a car with a mechanical malfunction and paying the other persons involved in the accident, you need a lawyer to show that you are not the one that should be sued.

Filing a Suit Against the Manufacturer

When there is an obvious mechanical problem with your vehicle (and it was uncovered as the result of your accident) you should file a lawsuit against the manufacturer as soon as possible. This is especially true if you have already tried nicely to get the manufacturer to pay for damages to your vehicle and the damages the vehicle caused because of the mechanical defect. To get the car's manufacturer to pay your inflated insurance premiums for the next couple of years, you need your lawyer to file a lawsuit on your behalf.

What Your Auto Accident Attorney Will Do

Besides handling all the paperwork, your attorney will investigate the mechanical malfunction of the make, model and year of your vehicle to see if there have been similar complaints. Sometimes there is a delay between the number of complaints about a vehicle and the moment the manufacturer chooses to take action and file a recall. Regardless of an active recall or the lack thereof, the manufacturer still should take responsibility. Your lawyer can get you the money to cover not only your medical expenses and auto repairs, but also the money it costs to pay for all the damages your malfunctioning vehicle created.