4 Common Injuries Due To Auto Accidents

If you were recently involved in a major auto accident, there is a possibility that you sustained some sort of injury related to the crash. If you were not at fault, you could sue the other driver for the bodily harm that they caused you. If you are suffering from any of these 4 kind of injuries, speak with a lawyer about taking legal action.

Head Injury

An injury to your head is one of the worst injuries you can sustain from an auto accident. Passengers in the front seat are at risk of hitting their head on the car's dashboard, steering wheel, or windows. Complications can result in brain injuries, either as a mild concussion, or a serious coma.

If you are a victim of a head injury, it will require long-term medical care and treatment that you should not be responsible for paying yourself.

Back Injury

A back injury can lead to serious disabilities, especially if there's damage to the spinal cord. You may even suffer from nerve damage, which can lead to total or partial loss of movement in your feet, legs, arms, or hands. Extreme injuries to the spinal cord can cause paralysis that is permanent as well.

A minor back injury would include herniated disks. It could cause weakness or numbness in your back, arms, and legs

Neck Injury

A very common neck injury that is associated with auto accidents is whiplash. It is caused by the sudden movement of your head back and forth that is caused by the impact of the accident. Damage can occur to your neck muscles or ligaments, making it very painful to do any sort of movement. Expect to experience swelling and neck pain if you have a whiplash injury.

Chest Injury

Your chest is at risk of being injured in an auto accident due to your seatbelt. Collisions that are hard and fast will cause your seatbelt to put a lot of pressure on your chest, and potentially damage it. It may cause a rib to break or collapse your lung, and in extreme situations be responsible for causing cardiac arrest.

Even if you have health insurance that covers your injuries, remember that damages go beyond what you pay out of pocket for medical treatment. You must also factor your pain and suffering caused by the other driver that is responsible for the accident. If you have a good lawyer on your side, you should have no problem receiving the compensation you deserve.

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