Don't Be Embarrassed To Confide In Your Divorce Attorney

Even in the 21st century, getting a divorce can be embarrassing. You don't like people thinking that your marriage was a failure and that you couldn't somehow keep the relationship together. As you consult a divorce attorney, do your best not to feel uncomfortable when talking with this legal professional. You'll need to provide details of your financial situation and perhaps of your own personal situation, so it's important to have full trust in your lawyer.

Financial Details

Be upfront with your lawyer if you are having money problems right now. It's possible your spouse depleted your checking and savings accounts and that you don't have access to credit. Your attorney may require some funds as a retainer fee, but will likely let you pay the full amount you owe to the firm once the divorce is final and you have some money again.

In fact, if your spouse is much better off financially than you are, your lawyer may demand that he or she pay your legal costs. A judge may uphold that demand and order your spouse to pay. That's especially likely if your spouse initiated the divorce proceedings or caused the problems that led to the filing. 

Previous Problematic Decisions

You may feel that some of your previous decisions regarding your marriage were not very smart, but don't feel embarrassed when talking about these issues with your lawyer. For instance, you may have signed a prenuptial agreement that you regret now. Your lawyer will do everything in his or her power to discover problems with that agreement that are in your favor so you can receive your fair share. 

Personal Matters

If your spouse cheated on you, then you might wish to keep this a secret. However, if your spouse is fighting the divorce or battling you for assets or child custody, it's important you divulge his or her bad behavior to your lawyer. Your attorney can use these factors in court as long as there is evidence of the affairs. That evidence might include photos, lodging receipts or testimony from witnesses. 

If any embarrassing personal details of your own may come up during the proceedings, tell your lawyer rather than try to keep them hidden. It can hurt your case if your attorney is blindsided by that information during a trial.  

What Can You Do Now? 

Contact the lawyer you want to act as your divorce attorney. Ask any questions you have and be honest when answering the lawyer's questions. This legal professional will put forth every effort to make the situation work in your favor as much as possible. For more information about the services of a divorce attorney, contact a firm such as Taliana Buckley & Asa.